Decorative Glass is a premium quality coloured glass with a non-porous, non-toxic surface that is both scratch resistant and colourfast.

DecoGlass is manufactured by screen-printing ceramic frit enamels onto one side of either float or low iron glass. The coated glass then undergoes either toughening or heat strengthening.

This heat treatment fuses the ceramic into the glass surface and is so permanent that colour cannot be removed without damaging the glass substrate.

The versatility, colourfastness and capacity to withstand extremes of conditions – DecoGlass is capable of withstanding temperature differentials up to 250°C – make DecoGlass ideal for many interior and exterior finishes.


》Min Size:

   300 x 300mm

》Max Size:

   4500 x 2400mm

》Min Thickness:


》Max Thickness:


》Frosted or apaque

》Ceramic frit enamel

Colour & Design

DecoGlass is available in a standard designer palette of 18 colours. Additional colour choices can be made from the comprehensive RAL Colour Standards and more specific colours matched on request.

DecoGlass can be manufactured with other glass products and processes to produce unique and creative products incorporating

elements of design and colour.

Our highly specialised precision processing and edge treatment equipment. including state of the art CNC machines, allows complex applications incorporating shapes, holes and cut-outs to be accurately manufactured and our unique oversize manufacturing capabilities provide endless potential applications.

Exterior & Interior Applications

In exterior applications DecoGlass is generally used for spandrel panels, canopies or full glass facades. It offers architects and designers the opportunity to either match or contrast vision panels through colour.

DecoGlass is most commonly used as cladding to obscure structural work from view. It allows architects and designers a cladding material where colour; impact and design are essential requirements.

For interior finishes DecoGlass creates a high quality finish for decorative privacy screens, wall cladding and splashbacks for kitchens or bathrooms.

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