The Cape Schanck Resort is made detailed introduction in the Australian《ROYALAUTO》magazine in July 2018. We followed the magazine to enjoy the charming of the resort.


Cape Schanck, on the southernmost tip themornington Peninsula, remains the wilder part of Victoria’s premierplay-ground. Here, the well-tender wineries and manicured hills of thehinterland give way to the stark beauty of tea- tree scrub and endlessstretches of deserted coastline. At the rugged end of the Mornington Peninsula,RACV Cape Schanck Resort rises above the ordinary.


For a region that punches above its weight forwineries, restaurants, and winery-restaurants, the Mornington peninsula boastssurprisingly few hip hotels, which gives extra reason to celebrate the $110million redevelopment of the RACV Cape Schanck Resort.


Beyond the stunning building that rises surreally fromthe coastal landscape, a wine program drilling down into the Peninsula terroir,conferencing and function facilities like the region has never seen before, and120 new rooms and suites, each one blessed with generous proportions, sleeklines and breathtaking views of Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay.


Some things haven’t changed. The resort is stillthe Peninsula’s home of golf, with an 18-hole championship course. It still hasits original 12 villas and 48 ocean view rooms. But if you haven’t visited theresort since its stunning new central hub welcomed its first guests in May-well, you haven’t really visited Cape Schanck Resort.


“We’re opening up to a new demographic. Youngcouples, corporates, families... we want to embrace a vibrant mix ofguests.”says operations manager Andrew Whalan.” not to mention reset ourselvesas a really desirable stay- and - play golf course.”


You could call it a beautiful contradiction, atonce harmonizing with the surroundings while rising from the rolling dunelandscape. Viewed from above, the curving three winged building is arresting.Viewed from the ground, it’s a sculptural form that shape-shifts from everyaspect, as if it might have been revealed by natural erosion. The rich amberhues of more than 3000square meters of castlemine slate wrap the lower levels,creating a visual plinth that grounds the building to the land. The ground-level, glass-glazed public space quietly recede underneath the bold matrix ofthe three accommodation levels, clad in rusted steel that jut over the top.


It took 350 workers two years to build this latestand greatest addition to the RACV portfolio.


The resort does a good lobby too, best filed under“five star hotel with a dash of personality”.Behind the reception desk, artistLindy Lee’s thrown bronze shapes known as elemental are meticulously placed inan orbital swirl.

度假酒店的大堂也不错,可称得上是“有个性的五星级酒店”。在前台后面,艺术家Lindy Lee做的一个称为元素的青铜形状的雕塑,被精心地放置在一个轨道漩涡中。

The lighthouse lounge with its sweeping viewsthrough floor-to-ceiling windows invites guests to linger amid lowkey luxury.Low tables are graced with vases of native flowers and  grasses, tactile silk-velvet chairs celebratethe natural tones of rust, moss green and storm grey, and decorative stone gasfireplaces are an excellent consolation when the mercury rests to winter.


This is the zone where things get more active forthe grown-ups, too. On the other side of the glass is a 25-metre swimming poolsas well as a fully equipped gymnasium and spin room. For those whose pursuit ofbodily perfection takes a more horizontal approach, the adjoining One Spa is aworld of mud-wrapped indulgence, with eight treatment rooms, two salt-watertherapy pools and a hammam- a Turkish-style steam room.


Its almost enough to make you forget the golf. Butthe new Cape Schanck Resort has finally realized a 13-year vision. It’s still aplace to swing a club to your heart’s content, but now you can also pamper inluxury, refuel in style or- just a gentle suggestion-simply sit by the fire andwatch the moody peninsula landscape and enjoy the show.


The glass of RACV Cape Schanck is proudlymanufactured and supplied by LANDSON GLASS, which includes following:


COMF-Eseries of IGU

COMF-E 系列中空

All Low-E glass from AGC.


To appreciate the charming resort, please make a reservation online from Ctrip Travel.