Insulated Glass Units (IGU) are ideal for customers who appreciate energy efficiency, consistent comfort and noise abatement.

With a wide variety of spacer and sealants, coupled with a broad range of glass options, Landson Glass insulated glass units are the first choice for domestic and commercial applications.

IGUs are a highly energy-efficient product, now used commonly in both commercial and residential applications.

As building regulations around the world continue to tighten, the Landson Glass production team works hard to produce quality IGUs that meet all Australian, New Zealand standards and European standards and regulation.

Our IGU lines produce high-quality units using a wide selection of glass, spacers and gases to meet our customers’ performance needs.


》Spacer types:

Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel or Super Spacer

》Spacer thicknesses:


》Sealant types:

PIB primary seal, Polysulphide, Silicone or Hot Melt Butyl secondary seal

》Glass types:

Float, Laminated, Toughened or Heat Strengthened.

》Triple Glazing available.


Up to 300 x 300–2700mm x 5000mm with aluminium spacer. For units using super spacer, please call to discuss specific size requirements.

》Lead time:

2 – 5 weeks ex-factory

》Timber end caps or crates can be made to customers’ requirements.

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